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Healthy Me Products

With 30 years of research and experience, Susanna Wilkerson has selected a premium line of health products to assist you in achieving an optimum state of health. Here are the digestive & building nutrients which will leave you full of energy and ready to face any challenge.

Activated Charcoal 300g

High Quality Activated Charcoal. 300g Tin. LIMITED TIME

Sales price: $60.00
Tax amount: $5.45

Co-Enzyme Q10 (Advanced Formula) 150mg

Advanced formula CoQ10 supports the mitochondria in every ...

Sales price: $90.00
Tax amount: $8.18

Organic Supergreens and Dunaliella Concentrate

A nutrient-dense green blend plus powerful probiotics.

Sales price: $55.00
Tax amount: $5.00

Detox-Bentonite Liquid

Bentonite liquid is made from an inert clay that pulls ...

Sales price: $30.00
Tax amount: $2.73

Magnesium Chloride Concentrate (500mL)

100% organic magnesium chloride comes from deep in the ...

Sales price: $20.00
Tax amount: $1.82

Natures Miracle Mineral Maintenance

Organic mineral formula 97% absorption rate. Easy to use ...

Sales price: $45.00
Tax amount: $4.09

Wild Yam & Chaste Tree Hormonal Creme

Wild Yam and Chaste tree are herbs that contains a natural ...

Sales price: $30.00
Tax amount: $2.73

Yucca Blend (Colon Cleanse) 500g

Yucca Blend ...A healthy colon means a happy vibrant state ...

Sales price: $45.00
Tax amount: $4.09

Zymax Enzymes (Caps)

Enzymes ... the most overlooked of all supplements. Make ...

Sales price: $50.00
Tax amount: $4.55

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